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      Welcome To Beezy Kitchenware

      BEEZY KITCHENWARE, Pride of every Kitchen. We the people of "VENKATESWAR" are engaged in manufacturing of more then 110 items of quality Kitchenware products with our well known and popular "BEEZY" brand since 1992. Our "BEEZY" brand is registered since 1992 under trade mark & copyright act. At present, our coverage area is all over India through our more than 120 accredited distributors.

      We are at this stage, because of quality centric company and we have stood out from the crowd of other competitive brands in terms of our quality standards. To maintain this, we continuously work upon quality improvement. For delivering high quality products, we have received high appreciation & trust of our customers, retailers, dealer and distributors.

      We have established a well settled Domestic & Global market owing to the fact that many clients have put their trust on us based on our unique strengths.

      Beezy Kitchenware

      We Manufacturing of more then 110 items of quality Kitchenware products with "BEEZY" brand since 1992

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